All this puts the nation in crisis with all of the UK


I am Scottish. Scotland is a small nation north of England and it is part of the United Kingdom. At the moment Scotland is in a political crisis.

The former first minister Alec Salmond appeared in court accused of a number of sexual allegations against a number if women. He was found not guilty. However he is now hitting back and saying that there are people at the top of the party conspiring against him with a view to putting him in prison. He has accused the present first minister Nicola Sturgeon of misleading parliament. Mr Salmond and miss Sturgeon had a meeting last year at her official home where he told her about the allegations against him.

She now says it was a party meeting, not a government one. Party meetings do not require minutes to be taken, government ones do. Miss sturgeons husband is the party secretary. He was not in the meeting and told an inquiry meeting that the reason he was not in the meeting was that he thought it was a government meeting. This puts him at odds with his wife. All this is happening with elections coming in May.



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