Margaret Thatcher’s former Oxford college scraps investments in coal


The miners’ strike observed strikes occur outside collieries all through Britain, following an announcement from the Nationwide Coal Board that 20 pits and 20,000 jobs had been set to be reduce in March 1984.

Arthur Scargill, president of the Nationwide Union of Mineworkers (NUM) known as the nationwide strike, which could last 12 months and see not lower than two people die.

The NUM didn’t keep a nationwide ballot, nonetheless its intention was to set off a excessive energy shortage, similar to one seen in 1972.

The strategy of Margaret Thatcher’s Authorities was to stockpile coal to cease such a shortage, whereas defending miners at work and using police to interrupt up picket strains.

The following movement would see dozens injured and two people die. 

Miners in Yorkshire and Kent had been the first to go on strike, adopted by pits in Scotland, South Wales and Durham. 

The Midlands, nonetheless, largely continued to operate in the midst of the movement. 

Picket strains had been usually marred with violence, considerably at a now infamous confrontation dubbed the Battle of Orgreave.

Spherical 10,000 picketers had been out on June 18 after that they had been met with police in riot gear, police horses and canines. 

An entire of 123 people had been left injured after violent clashes outside the coking plant in Rotherham, whereas 95 people had been arrested.   

In April 1984, miner David Gareth Jones died after he was hit throughout the neck by a brick thrown whereas picketing at Ollerton in Nottingham. A post-mortem later revealed it was additional likely that he was killed after being pressed in opposition to the pit gates earlier throughout the day.

David Wilkie, a taxi driver, died after taking two ‘scab’ miners to work at Merthyr Vale Colliery when a concrete publish was dropped from a bridge onto his vehicle by two miners who had been on strike in November 1984. 

On March 3 1985, the NUM authorities, working low on funds and with inserting households struggling to feed, heat and gown themselves, narrowly voted to complete the financial movement. 

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