What a strange world we live in. A pandemic has swept the world. Many have died. However there are many conspiracy theories. Some people deny the pandemic. They say there is a virus, but no pandemic. They say the main news channels lie to us. You know that such people have made their minds up. No matter what trained journalists say, they will not listen to them because they believe the journalist lies and is part of a world wide conspiracy. You only have to go on you tube to see such people.

It is true that not all scientists agree, but that is normal. Scientists are always challenging one another looking for evidence and interpreting it. You can name any area of biology, chemistry or physics and that is going on.

There is also the political aspect. Governments are responsible for the safety of their own people and to that end they evaluate what scientists say and act upon it. In doing so, they choose the scientific view that they think is most persuasive. The scientific view is subject to change. For example in the UK we were told the evidence on wearing masks was weak. Now they are compulsory in shops and church because the politicians believe they reduce transmission.
There is also an argument about the test. A certain New Zealand doctor questions the test and has been asked to take her videos down. She has refused to so.

Some people are so bewildered by the volume of information that they live in fear. I was out shopping one day with a family member and as we picked up baskets to start shopping we got close to a lady for a second. She cried out in fear. We moved away as fast as we could to reassure her. My own view is that such fear feeds the conspiracy theories. People like to feel in control and the pandemic flies in the face of that. They believe conspiracy theories because it sounds rational and offers an explanation about what is going on. An explanation creates the illusion of understanding and control.

We are now being given the assurance that we will get this thing down and it will recur annually like the flu and we will produce vaccines for different strains of it in the same way that we do for the flu. I await to see.


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