What changes will there be


Joe Biden being sworn in as president of the USA. Melania Trump goes back to being a private citizen all be it a famous one. What changes will there be? Probably a change of foreign policy. As a deterant the Trump presidency authorized the separation of children from parents of illegal immigrants. In years to come as those children grow up, perhaps we will see how damaging that was to them as people. It is bound to have caused psychological trauma.. They may resent how they and their parents were treated for trying to gain a better life.

The wall started to be built but Biden will withdraw the funding so it is unlikely to be completed.Biden is a Roman Catholic in name only. He and his party support Gay Rights, same sex marriage and abortion. The pro life lobby are likely to resist his policies.

Biden will probably keep the USA embassy in Jerusalem. The Palestinians will not like that.

How will Biden handle COVID-19 vaccination? He will probably not be bombarding the public with tweets. Many of Trumps tweets were forthright and downright rude.

Trump took America into isolation. In the past it was called splendid isolation, but I have no idea why it was called that. Trump called it America First.

I think that the Biden presidency will be very liberal. It will certainly engage with other countries more akin to the way America has traditionally done in the past.

Will it be business as usual?


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