It is Not All Over


As the 46th President of the USA assumes office, the question is will the 45th be silent for the next four years? I think that’s highly unlikely. Even though he is denied his weapon of choice which is twitter, I am sure he will find another means of communication.

Vice President Joe Biden
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

In the past, social media have claimed they are only platforms, but are in no way responsible for the content, arguing that to deny this is to deny free speech. Twitter has banned Donald Trump permanently and thus have by default taken responsibility for his content in light of the storming of capital hill. It is a landmark event. Social media can no longer say they do not shape public opinion.

There will be calls for regulation just like the press is regulated. However as everyone can contribute to social media and most of us are not investigative journalists, it is not likely that social media could be regulated to the same degree as the press. However, they could be held in contempt for in incitement to violence or defamation of character.

Banning THE DONALD has set a president. Change is likely to follow.

Free from the constraints of the Oval Office, In theory and perhaps in practice, Trump will be free to say what he likes, when he likes and how he likes about how the election was stolen from him. Or is he?


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