Out out out


It seems that for some people President Trump cannot leave the White House fast enough. With only days to go of his presidential term there are moves to evict him immediately or be impeached. He will go down in history as the only president to be impeached twice. He is also the only president to see capital Hill stormed by rioters.
He is like Mar-mite. He is loved and hated in equal measure.

He is also banned from twitter. Arguably social media played a part in 2016 to aid him entering the white house. Now it seems that device is playing a part in his downfall. Presumably twitter now regard him as a liability to their company.

Some of his words have been used against him. He is blamed for causing insurrection. Perhaps more forethought before tweeting or speaking would have been in order. If he pays attention to advisers he has been badly advised.

He went to Mexico to see a portion of the wall he promised. Will it be completed, or will that portion of it remain as reminder of a failed presidency? After all he did promise to build the wall.

He has habitually used statement like language which many have found deeply offensive.

Has he drained the swamp as he promised, or has he muddied the waters? Time will tell.

America is a deeply divided nation, and to add to their woes they have the highest corona-virus 19 infections and deaths in the world. They have not had a Happy New Year.


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