Playful platypus is spotted relaxing in a raging waterfall by taking a shower in Tasmania


Lovely second a playful platypus is noticed having a shower in a rocky creek

  • A playful platypus has been noticed having a shower in a raging waterfall  
  • Platypus was discovered stress-free in a rocky creek by locals in Tasmania on Monday  
  • Viewers are impressed by the animal’s grip on rocks as water thrashed round 

Lovely footage of a platypus showering in a flowing creek mattress has incited mass affection for the usually forgotten monotreme.

The platypus discovered its manner into the small waterfall on a rocky creek in Tasmania on Monday to seek out some cool reprieve.

An Australian passerby shared the video to Reddit after recognizing the distinctive animal having fun with the beating present.

A playful platypus was spotted relazing in the raging waters of a waterfall in Tasmania (pictured)

A playful platypus was noticed relazing within the raging waters of a waterfall in Tasmania (pictured)

The platypus begins to dunk its head beneath the waterfall to immerse itself within the cool waters.

The footage pulled on the heartstrings of viewers, with many fawning over the animal.

‘I hope I reincarnate as a platypus in Tassie,’ one mentioned.

‘How lovable!’ One other added.

The footage pulled at the heartstringa of viewers who said the mammal was the 'epitome of relaxing'

The platypus begins to dunk its head in the water as it continues to relax in the raging waterfall

The platypus begins to dunk its head within the water because it continues to loosen up within the raging waterfall 

Different viewers had been extra impressed with the platypus’ means to remain on the rock regardless of the tough waterfall splashing down.

‘He is received a rattling good grip on these rocks!’ One mentioned.

‘That little dude is the embodiment of relaxed,’ one other commented.

Platypuses generally stay within the rivers, streams and lakes of jap Australia, northern Queensland, south of Victoria and Tasmania.

Platypuses (pictured) are commonly found in rivers, streams and lakes around Australia

Platypuses (pictured) are generally present in rivers, streams and lakes round Australia 


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