How to wear your mask correctly – So are you doing it right? 


Make sure the masks is well-fitted

Take some time to form the nostril wire in your face masks in order that it intently follows the contours of your nostril and cheeks, and safe the highest strap nicely.

In case your masks has no wire, you may insert a twist tie or pipe cleaner into the highest fringe of the masks. You could possibly safe the highest edge with micro-pore tape, if essential.

Alternatively, fold a tissue till it varieties a strip and place it alongside the highest fringe of the masks earlier than you set it on.

Regulate the loops

When you have a small head, you could discover you should twist the loops earlier than placing them round your ears to get a snugger match.

If the masks has tapes to tie it, tie the highest one excessive on the again of your head after placing in your glasses.

Preserve your glasses heat

Your lenses will fog up extra if they’re chilly, so put on your glasses or put them in your pocket to heat them a bit earlier than you should put in your masks.

Have your glasses professionally fitted

Ring your optician and e book an appointment, remembering to take your masks with you (and your face-shield if you should work in a single).

They will alter the nose-pads or sides to suit correctly together with your PPE. Varifocals might want to sit precisely proper to make sure optimum efficiency.

Take into account contact lenses

If you happen to’ve by no means worn them earlier than, now is a good time to strive them. If it has been years because you wore contact lenses, ask the observe concerning the new choices.

You will want knowledgeable becoming by an optometrist or contact lens optician. The vary of prescriptions is huge; even in case you put on varifocal glasses, there are alternatives for you.

Put money into anti-fogging spray 

Good high quality anti-fog sprays can work nicely and could be bought from most opticians.

By no means use washing up liquid on glass lenses. It could break down the anti-reflection lens coating progressively over time, leading to a crazy-paving impact for which there’s just one treatment – alternative lenses.

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