All Change?


Change is inevitable. 2020 saw our lives change dramatically. COVID-19 ushered that in. More change is likely in 2021. A vaccination programme for those over 80 in the UK has begun. That will accelerate in the first few months if 2021.

Will things go back to the way they were? We have yet to see. I suspect some work issues will not go back to exactly the way they were. Some people may choose to continue to work from home. When social distancing is no longer advised, will relaxing and mixing with others feel odd?

I found some videos on youtube that were made in 1945. They are amusing and feature people coughing and sneezing in public with the slogan coughs and sneezes to spread diseases. It advised sneezing into a handkerchief. It seems this was a concern of the government at the time. New videos have been made for the situation today.

If seems that the government have always used the media to communicate with the public when they need the co-operation of its citizens.

The media is probably far more powerful now than it was in 1945, and there is no sign of the disease abating.

In Scotland we have a tradition of welcoming in the new year with a drink and partying. That is forbidden this year.

Zoom has become part of our lives, but somehow it is not the same as physically being face to face. Will we be face to face in 2021? We shall see.


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