Ethiopia Arrests Reuters Cameraman Without Any Charge


International news agency Reuters has disclosed that Ethiopian authorities have arrested one of their cameramen at his home in Addis Ababa last week.

40 year old Kumerra Gemechu has been held in police custody without any charge since last week, the media giant said while condemning his arrest.

The Tigray has killed thousands and displaced more than 900,000 Ethiopians.

Kumerra’s arrest comes two weeks after a Reuters photographer was beaten by Ethiopian federal police.

Stephen Adler, the editor in chief of the company said Kumerra has worked as part of their team in Ethiopia diligently and there is no reason for his arrest.

A judge ordered a 14-day detention for the cameraman to allow police to go on with investigations at a court hearing on Friday. According to the family, Kumerra had no legal representation at the brief court hearing.

The cameraman covered the recent Tigray conflict which saw government forces fight to regain control of the region from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front but Reuters has been unable to connect his work on the conflict to his arrest.

Reuters has been unable to connect Kumerra’s coverage of the Tigray conflict to his arrest.

Ethiopia has been pressuring some foreign media outlets of bias in reporting on the Tigray conflict, a claim Reuters denies.

Reuters said they will not rest until their cameraman is freed.



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