Its mine, at least I think it is



Parents buy things for their children. Perhaps you go on a family day out and pop into McDonald. The parent buy fries and give them to the children. The father reaches out and takes one of the fries. The child says, “Oh no dad, their mine”.

They only belong to the child because the father gave them. The father was taking what was his.

There is a prayer we hear in some churches.
We give thee but thine own, whatever the gift may be.
All that we have is thine alone, a trust oh lord from thee.

This is the way things really are. All we have including our lives comes from God. He has given to us and expects us to use it well. He can take it back when he wants to as one day he will.

We however, act like we own everything. We think we are in control. If Covid-19 has proved anything, it has proved we are not in control. In the UK every week brings change to protect health we had not planned. We do not control our lives as we did up until March. However many are turning to God.

The child with the fries who denied one to his father needs a right perspective and we also need a right perspective. In all the chaos, God is ordering the way of things and carrying out his will.







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