Biden Will Not Have An Automatic Transfer Of Trump Followers On Official White House Twitter Accounts


President-elect Joe Biden will not have an automatic transfer of the millions of Trump followers on the official White House accounts when he assumes office on January 20 according to a Twitter statement.

The Tech giant said followers of the accounts will be issued prompts to confirm if they still want to continue following the account; a move which is a deviation from the past when President Obama was leaving office in 2017.

Followers of the official White House Twitter accounts will be notified to continue or stop following when Biden assumes office in January

The accounts affected include @POTUS which is the official account of the President of the United States, and the official White House Twitter account – @WhiteHouse.

President Trump retained followers of the accounts under Former President Barack Obama but we are not going to see that as Twitter continues to strive for some level of political correctness.

Trump’s supporters are likely to stop following official White House accounts when Biden assumes office in 2021.

Facebook and Instagram have not announced any changes regarding the transition of accounts.

If the prompt is issued to followers in January, we are likely to see a lot of Trump fans opting to unfollow the accounts.



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