Indians Can Now Order McDonald’s Through WhatsApp


Fast food giants McDonald’s now allows customers in India to place their orders through messaging app WhatsApp.

The new delivery initiative which is aimed at reducing contacts between employees and customers will begin in New Delhi only.

Customers are expected to send a Hi to9953916666 to place orders to McDonald’s through WhatsApp

To order through WhatsApp, all customers have to do is send a Hi to whatsapp number 9953916666. A link will come up with the McDonald’s menu for the customer to choose from.

The customer is then required to provide WhatsApp numbers and delivery address for easy delivery. An invoice is sent to the customer through WhatsApp after an order is confirmed.

The fast food giant has implemented policies to keep customers safe in times of the COVID-19 pandemic

The company says the move is an improvement on their 100% contactless delivery service to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The company is expected to expand the WhatsApp delivery service outside Delhi to other cities.


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