Goodnight Mr Bond


The passing of Sean Connery marks the end of an era in film. If you ask anyone to name a famous Scottish film star, many would name the man from Edinburgh. When I was a boy, my father would periodically take me to the cinema on a Saturday afternoon when films were screened continuously. It was on such an occasion that he took me to see Doctor No. I was mesmerized by Doctor No’s base. It was enormous, and Bond was so smooth with the ladies, especially Usula Andress who seemed to emerge from the sea like a mermaid.

That film was so successful that it marked the start of a franchise that remains to this day. Connery made seven Bond films. Indeed he was put under so much pressure to make more by the media that he said, “Never Again”. Little did he know he was giving them a title for his final Bond film when he returned to the franchise,”Never Say Never Again”.

I went to the cinema every time a Bond film was released and watched them all over again on TV at Christmas.

I saw Connery being interviewed on TV and he was asked why he was cast as the first Bond. He jokingly said, “Because I was cheap”. My own theory is that some of Bond’s character may have been based on another Scot. Sir Fitzroy McClean and as Connery came from the Capital of Scotland, which may have counted in the unknown actor’s favour.

It proved to be a life-changing role, and although it led to other roles, it is for James Bond that he will be remembered.


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