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As I watch the American Presidential election on TV, I am struck by how divided the USA has become. The Republican Party appeals to the Christian vote and Trump moved the American Embassy in Isreal to Bethlehem. Popular with his own voters, opposed by those who are not. Bernie Sanders is not standing but one can see his influence on the party. They have a massive socialist agenda which historically we have not associated with the USA. America has usually portrayed itself as the land where dreams come true. They are aspirational. Anyone can succeed in business. This is the image America usually projects. In this election much more has been said of socialism.

President Donald Trump
Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

This is very familiar to those of us in the UK. We have had a division between private enterprise supported by the Conservative Party and Socialism supported by the Labour party. For Americans, it is a new territory.

Trump’s influence will be felt for many years as people he successfully got three candidates on to the supreme court.

The Americans call the president, “The Leader of The Free World”. Whichever candidate wins will determine how America relates to the rest of the world. Trump has emphasized America First which implies others second.

The UK does this, but we do not say we are doing it. We just go ahead and put ourselves first.

It is thought that people will be influenced by how Trump has thus far handled the CoVID- 19 Pandemic. Like a good salesman, he does the best presentation of bad news. America has the highest infection rate in the world.

How will it all pan out? We will know on the 4th of November.


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