You cannot say that!

In the UK we say that we value free speech. I wonder if we value it as much as we think we do.  Much of what is in the Bible is thought of as offensive now and there are people who get the police involved when a street preacher says something they do not agree with. I lived in a constituency where the local Member of Parliament who was in the government told me this has happened in his constituency.. it seems to me that people say they value free speech until they are faced with someone who has a different point of view. Indeed it has been said that past generations were taught HOW to think, the current generation is taught WHAT to think.
It is known that there are television programmes made in the 1970s that were considered funny at the time but they no longer broadcast as they are now deemed offensive such as, “It Aint half hot mum” a comedy set in Burma during World War 2.
However, there are things made now, that I think are offensive and they are broadcast. This even extends to adverts. There is a TV advert for Starbucks that a colleague of mine finds offensive so she will not go there.
If free speech is curbed, it is a form of mind control. Think about what you like, but you are not allowed to say it. George Orwell who wrote Animal Farm and 1984 which was in fact about the mind control of the communist state of the United Soviet Socialist Republic would have recognized such a situation. It is creeping in by stealth. There are things I could have said in the past that if I repeated on social media would not receive universal approval as they would in the past. Most people would have agreed on things that were immoral or wrong. That is no longer the case and being told they are wrong is offensive. In the past, if you were offended then that was too bad, but being offended was just part of everyday life.
There are some late-night TV programmes where segments of old programmes are repeated with celebrities viewing and commenting on them to laugh at them and tell viewers how offensive these segments are even although they were popular at the time.
It seems to me that Christians in particular should use the freedoms we currently enjoy before they are eradicated completely.

What is Free about Speach?

How much do we value Free speech? A teacher in France has paid for it with his life. He was beheaded by an Islamic terrorist who had refugee status.

He was teaching his classes about free speech. He showed them cartoons if Mohamad. The same cartoons that appeared in a newspaper and some of the journalists, like the teacher were killed by terrorists and they are on trial now. All of Western Europe is talking about it.

Are people to be killed for saying or publishing things that some fund offensive. How must those whom the teacher taught to feel that the subject he taught them got his head cut off? Although the killer was shot and killed by the police, how many other people are there just like him?

Free speech has proved to be very costly. People have paid for it with their lives.


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