Ice Cube Rejects Claims He Is Being Used By The Trump Campaign, Asks Biden To Up His Game


Ice Cube mocks the idea that President Trump is winning black voters with his help. He said the claim is irrelevant to his mission and urged Joe Biden to up his game.

The rapper and actor joined TMZ Live Thursday to discuss the criticism, claiming he went to the “dark side” by joining POTUS. On Wednesday, the Trump administration announced that Cube was involved in crafting its platinum plan which will pump $ 500 billion into the black community and provide better access to education and jobs.

Cube told TMZ that his only focus is on getting the government to accept elements of his contract with Black America to improve the lives of black people. He insists that he is not trying to get a black vote for or against any of the candidates.

He also stated that he never met President Donald Trump, but sat down with members from both sides in an attempt to get them both to accept the program.

At the moment it looks like one party is more open to their bilateral agenda than the other and Cube is suggesting the Biden campaign is missing a golden opportunity.

But Cube says Democrats promised to work with him after the election.


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