Nigerians Reject SWAT Carrying Out Duties Of SARS As Protests Continue


Nigerians are angry at the opening of a new police force to replace a prominent body that was disbanded following public protests against alleged human rights abuses.

Police chief Mohammed Adamu announced that SWAT would serve as the Anti-Robbery Special Forces (SARS).

But many used the #EndSwat hashtag on Twitter to oppose the new entity. They believe the changes are not sufficient to reform the police.

Thousands of Nigerians frequently protest cases of illegal detention, assault and shooting by SARS officials.

However, most of the peaceful demonstrations were interrupted by the police. Amnesty International said Tuesday that 10 people were killed in the protests, but other reports gave a lower number.

Some of Nigeria’s biggest music stars, including Davido and Falz, have supported the protesters who have increased their support on Twitter with the hashtag #EndSARS.

On Tuesday, they marched onto the Port Harcourt oil hub in violation of the governor’s ban on demonstrations.

Protests also took place in the Lagos shopping center, the nation’s capital, Abuja and four other cities.


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