Groundhog Day again


On Monday, Boris Johnston will announce a three-stage system that will be used to determine responses to the pandemic situation in England. Up until now, the Westminster government made all the English decisions. They have now complied with the request from Sir Graham Brady to involve local governments in those decisions.

It is clear that an industry that is closed because the government told them to close will get financial support of two-thirds of the cost of wages. However, industries that are closed because they have little to no income and have closed because they are loss-making will not get such support. An example of this is theatre. The theatres in Scotland were told to close by the Scottish government. They will get the financial package. The theatres in England were not told to close by Westminster, so they will not get it.

It seems to be the end is not yet in sight. It is like being in the film Groundhog Day where Bill Murray wakes up every morning and it is the same day. In this case, we wake up and the pandemic has not gone so each day we hope that by changing our response we will defeat it.
In the end, Bill Murray succeeds, but he has changed. He becomes a more pleasant loving character.

We may find that the pandemic changes us.


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