US Vice Presidential Candidates Debate

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

It now falls to the vice-presidential candidates to debate in the USA. The public will take a keen interest in this one. They will be looking for it being less acrimonious than the presidential candidates were. They will also be viewing them as potentially the next president as both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are old men. Should one of them become incapacitated or die in office, the vice president would be sworn in as president.

They will watch Harris with particular interest as no black woman has stood to be vice president before. This is a new area for the USA.

Perhaps the rules for the debate will change. It has been noted that the chairman lost control of the presidential debate and perhaps he should have been given the option of turning off the microphones. Hopefully, those responsible for agreeing to the rules will have learned.

vice presidential candidates USA

There was little about policy in the presidential debate. Many of the voters will be looking for policy details from the potential vice presidents. They will be looking for inspirational things they have not heard before that will give America hope for the future.

They will be looking for things that will set aside peoples desperation so that they will not riot in the streets. People want to live their lives in peace and not have to depend on the police to quell rioting.

They also want to feel a sense of equality. That is, all citizens of any race are equally valued and they will look for that in Harris even more so than in any candidate before.

Many people will already have made up their minds about who they will vote for. It is those who have not that they must appeal to. If the polls are right, this election is on a Knife-edge.

Watch the video below;


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