Goodnight Scotland


Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister of Scotland has announced that public houses and resturaunts in central Scotland will close for 16 days from Monday to lower the spread of the virus. They will only be permitted to sell takeaway. Some places in England are considering similar measures.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola 

Central Scotlands partial lockdown means that Glasgow and Edinburgh will be like ghost cities at night. Edinburgh also lost the financial benefits of hosting the Edinburgh Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festivals when the country was in complete lockdown. We now see that while this supressed the virus, infections and deaths are rising again i central Scotland and in parts of England. There is also an argument that making the hospitality industry takeaway only has not worked. Perhaps England will be watching Scotland closely to see if it works this time. It is hugely damaging to those who work in the industry. There is a fear that they will not reopen after 16 days but that potentially this latest partial lockdown could be extended causing major job losses.

Leaders in the hospitality industry now argue that they need a consistent plan from the govornment so that they in turn can plan how they are going to run their businesses. Two things are clear.

1 the schools will not close as they did last time.

2 re-opening the economy is far from simple. Indeed as we see, the hospitality industry in Scotland who had hoped they could go on traiding now find that is not the case.

Care homes for the eldely all over the country have been closed to visitors including the residents families for six months, which affects family relationships as people cannot visit eldely parents, nor is it allowed in Scotland to have visitors in ones own home. People are wondering when it will all end.


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