On the Fiddle


The pandemic has caused many industries to close. Thousands of people are in the music industry and have not worked since March and many of them are self-employed and did not qualify for government aid.

Today musicians have descended upon Parliament, playing their instruments to put the government under pressure to do something to alleviate their plight.

Music is part of everyone’s life. Even if all you do is listen to it, the music is still part of your life. Potentially it can uplift your mood, or make you weep. One way or another it taps into our emotions.

The hymn writers wrote music to remind us of biblical truth so music can convey a message. Sometimes it is a political message. When Tony Blair was elected as Prime Minister, music played a big part in it as he appeared on television to the anthem, “Things are going to get better”. In the USA Presidential Candidates usually walk on to the stage with a short burst of uplifting music.

Theatres depend on music as part of the performance, or to make the interval more pleasant. Shops play music to put us in the mood for buying more. If music is so important, why is not more being done to support those who create it?


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