Where is Mr Bond?


Daniel Craig’s final outing as James Bond has been delayed yet again. This has affected Cinemas who intended to premier it. Chains of Cinemas in the USA and the UK have decided to close until they have big-budget films to show. Many had reopened and had successfully attracted an audience. However, money talks and the cinemas are not attracting enough of it.

Independent films have been shown to great acclaim. So why have the Cinemas made the decision to close?. Premiers of big-budget films attract large audiences and that same audience then sees adverts for other films they have not heard of but may be interested in. The whole industry thrives on premiers. Lesser-known films need them to find an audience and build a name for themselves. They feed off the big-budget ones and they do not come bigger than a 007 film.

Thousands of Cinema jobs are in jeopardy. It is as though they cry out, My Bond, when are you going to rescue us. Our careers and lives depend on you. If things go according to the latest plan, the rescue will be in April 2021.


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