How will Donald Trump campaign?

President Donald Trump

Now the USA is in a similar position to the one the UK was in. Boris Johnson contracted COVID-19 and continued working while in isolation. President Trump and his wife have now tested positive and those around him assure us that he has no symptoms and was working. However, Trump should look to Johnson as a stark warning. Boris Jonson is considerably younger than Trump, but he could not fight the virus off. He succumbed to it and had to be admitted to the hospital while other people ran the government when he was ill, Boris understands what it feels like to have it. However, he was not fighting an election.

Trump likes a good argument as we saw when he debated Joe Biden. He also likes to be out among the electorate. He has to abide by the rules and stay in isolation for at least ten days. How is he going to campaign remotely? Are there plans for this situation? Will someone else such as the vice-presidential candidate campaign on his behalf? In these unprecedented times, we do not know and those with responsibility probably do not know either and are hurriedly making plans behind closed doors.

It is likely Joe Biden and his team will be tested as he shared the stage with Trump in the debate. It is of coarse possible for Trump to make speeches from the White House just as Johnson did from ten Downing street. However, that will lack the cut and thrust of being out on the campaign trail.

For a man with so much responsibility, Trump must surely feel helpless. He will be hoping that things do not get worse. He likes to feel in control and now he is not in control of his own situation.

President Donald Trump

Unlike previous presidents, Trump has members of his family on his team. Perhaps he may look to them to speak for him. The next ten days will be very interesting indeed and may affect the outcome of the election.


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