5,000 Pets Found Dead At A Depot In China


At least 5,000 pets were found dead at a logistics facility in Central China. The animals were found in cardboard or metal shipping boxes at Dongxing Logistics Station in Luohe City, Henan Province, China.

Among them are rabbits, cats, dogs and guinea pigs who didn’t eat or drink for about a week. The deaths were most likely caused by poor communication in the supply chain of China’s mass-breeding industry. Only a few hundred animals were found alive.

Sister Hua, founder of the animal rescue group Utopia, described the scene as a living hell.

She said told CBS News that the station was full of express boxes with thousands of dead animals, and the whole place smelled of rotting corpses.

She said the animals apparently died from suffocation, dehydration and starvation.

He and 20 other volunteers rescued 200 rabbits and 50 dogs and cats from the scene, and those in critical condition were taken to a veterinary clinic.

According to Hua, misunderstanding communications within the shipping lines and inconsistencies in the application of shipping regulations led to the tragedy.

Chinese law prohibits shipments of live animals in normal packaging, and Hua believes the animals may have been left there after the logistics company refused to sign off the shipment.

He urged the public to adopt animals to avoid such incidents and urged the Chinese government to enforce stricter laws regarding the transportation of these animals.


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