Man Jailed For Killing Two Women As Revenge For His Childhood Bullying


A secret missile factory worker has been jailed for life for the double murder of a VIP banker and his friend who were eating pizza at a Russian beauty spot.

Alexey Alexandrov, 35, was arrested after a mass police search which had 4,500 people interrogated in random shootings of Ksenia Soltanova and Natalia Kuznetsova in 2018.

The married father said the random murders were meant to avenge the childhood abuse he suffered. He told detectives in a chilling video confession that his goal was to kill the women.

He denies any sexual motive but says he killed them eventhough he never met her victims and they had nothing to do with the bullying he endured when he was a child two decades earlier.

Ksenia Soltanova

Banker Ksenia, 29, and Natalia, 28, were enjoying a night picnic at the top of the scenic Uktus near Yekaterinburg when he tracked them down with night vision and shot them three times.

Alexandrov who is a design specialist at the defense plant that makes the advanced S-300 and BUK-M1 missile systems, then put on his medical gloves and dragged them, badly injured, into the long grass.

The women wanted to watch the sun rise, but the amateur photographer Alexandrov shot them with a 6.35 caliber air rifle in August 2018.

Alexandrov, who is happily married with a three-year-old son, works at the Kalinin machine building plant, which produces Russian anti-aircraft missile systems.

Ksenia left, Natalia Kusnetsova were killed while out eating pizza

Alexandrov told police his wife didn’t know that he had secretly devised a revenge plan to avenge the abuse he experienced.

He had planned four kills, but after he committed the double murder he said he couldn’t sleep at night and he ended the plan to shoot two more people.

The killer was only brought to justice after a campaign by the mothers of the murdered women who asked state investigators to investigate the killings.


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