Dirty Fighting


The first of the head to head debate has taken place in the USA, and it seems that the public reaction is not one of winners and losers, but of shock that their country is being depicted in front of the world in such a disgraceful manner.

Name-calling, personal attacks, and attacking your opponent’s dead son and telling the president to shut up was the order of the day. A friend of mine who lives and teaches in the USA told me that her students were shocked when she showed them how common it is to tell someone to shut up in Britain. If they were shocked in that class, how shocked must they be that the world has now seen their president being told to shut up?

In Britain, we like to think we are polite. Telling an opponent to shut up would be unthinkable and the public would take a dim view attacking the opponent’s dead son.

Britain has slowly declined since world war 2 and it is argued that with the rise of China, the USA has started to slowly decline. Perhaps that is why Trumps’ slogan to become President was, “Make America Great Again”. It seems to be the American population feel the decline.

Trump and Biden clearly have a strong disdain for one another and they brought their venom out in the debate.

Character is a priceless commodity. In the past, there were country leaders who were looked upon as statesmen on the world stage. That is not what we saw in this debate. Instead, we saw two men who ought to know better fighting it out like two old gunfighters in a wild west movie. I wonder what the next installment will bring.


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