Australia Deploys Troops To Help Control Coronavirus Outbreak On Cargo Ship


Australian will deploy troops to Port Hedland, one of the largest iron ore loading ports in the world, to control the coronavirus outbreak in a large carrier that last changed crew in the shipping city of Manila.

According to a statement Oldendorff Carriers who are owners of the ship, 17 of the 21 crew members tested positive for the virus.

Ten people confirmed with the virus have been quarantined in the hotel quarantine, while seven people will remain on the plane as part of the crew of 11, authorities said.

Oldendorff said the Sept. 5 crew change in Manila followed all protocols. The statement did not specify the nationalities of the crew members affected by the virus or the number of ship personnel were from the Philippines.

All crew members tested negative for the virus before leaving the Philippines, said Oldendorf.

The vessel was supposed to collect manganese ore for steel production. It’s been docked off the coast of Port Hedland off the coast of Western Australia.

Some of the personnel who tested positive being taken off the ship

The sparsely populated country contained the virus at the start of the pandemic and closed its international and national borders. It now bans the arrival of cruise ships, but allows export airlines and limited international flight arrivals in the context of a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Up to 10 Australian Defense Force (ADF) personnel are expected to be deployed to Port Hedland after the state government requested assistance, an ADF spokesman said in a statement.


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