Brexit: Will Customs Flow?


As Britain leaves the European Union, there are some problems that need to be addressed. At the moment we have free movement of goods and services across the union. When we leave we will need more customs checks at the port in Dover. However, there are not enough people employed to do the checks, and consequently, there may be major traffic jams and delays to the product being delivered.

There has been a practice at it, but not with anywhere near the number of lorries that could be on the road. Some may argue that this was inevitable as the European Union would always want to protect the single market so this should gave been foreseen and prepared for. Others would argue that it was foreseen and steps are being taken to prepare.

We wait to see if the traffic jams do emerge. It is a problem for perishable goods which usually have to be transported and on the shop shelves in 24 hours. It is delayed the goods will not be as fresh as they would otherwise be.
Some businesses are very anxious.


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