Boris Johnson says new coronavirus restrictions could last for six months


Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he had put in place a number of restrictions to help control the spate coronavirus cases in the UK and could last up to six months.

Among the new measures for the UK:

  1. The penalty for not wearing a mask or gathering a group over six increases to £ 200 for the first offense
  2. Starting Thursday, all pubs, bars, and restaurants are restricted and are allowed on serving tables only.
  3. Hospitality businesses must close by 22:00 starting from Thursdays – meaning they are  and do not accept late orders.
  4. Office workers should work from home whenever possible, the Prime Minister stressed.
  5. The planned crowd return to the sports ground will not continue from October 1.
  6. Face covers should be worn by shop staff, taxi drivers, and passengers
  7. Indoor restaurant customers are also required to wear masks except when they are sitting at the dining table or drinking.
  8. Exceptions to the “six rule” are reduced, which means indoor sports such as soccer matches end in 5 countries

Johnson also said the government would provide additional funding for police and local authorities in the UK to enforce regulations and use military support when necessary.

The Scottish Prime Minister reiterated his support for people working from home and announced that their government could impose a “legal obligation” on employers to allow work from home.

Sturgeon said the application of coronavirus rules to the Scottish public was “under control” but added: “It’s much more effective at helping people do what is right than facing harsh penalties when they can’t.”

The prime minister also said that new restrictions on visiting other households would be reviewed every three weeks – stressing that they “need not be place” for six months when it is unecessary.


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