UK withdrawal deal in crisis


The United Kingdom officially left the European Union in January. A withdrawal agreement took a long time to negotiate and after three attempts it was finally agreed after Boris Johnson became Prime Minister.

Last week his government delivered a shock to Parliament. The conservative government introduced a bill that they admit will break part of the withdrawal agreement and thus break international law. Some solicitors have resigned as they do not agree with breaking the law.

The point of contention concerns Northern Ireland which is part of Britain. The withdrawal agreement means that Northern Ireland would remain subject to European Union rules and they would determine the costs of goods and services apart from the same goods and services in mainland Britain. The government argues this is not acceptable.

Britain is not in the habit of breaking the law and those who oppose the government say that it will damage our reputation for keeping the law. Others say we were bullied into the agreement for three years and this bill is a way of standing up to the bullies

Some business people favour leaving the European Union such as the founders if phones 4 U and Weatherspoons. Others are not in favour, so whether it is good or bad depends on your point of view.

Tuesday will be an interesting day when the bill is debated in Parliament and amendments will be proposed and voted on. It will be a lively and contentious debate and the future of the United Kingdom and our relationship with the European Union will be determined by it.

By the end of the day on Tuesday, we should have a clearer idea of what that relationship will be.


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