Watch The Unfortunate Moment A Black Guy Was Bundled Out Of A Supermarket In Germany For Being Black- Watch


Racism is said to be an issue bothering a lot of black people in the country as the whites keep bullying and disregarding them and it mostly happens in the European countries where the blacks are found mostly.

In a viral video making rounds on social media, a young black man who went to a supermarket in Germany has had white folks at the store throwing him out by dragging him like a goat when he did not do anything wrong to deserve that kind of treatment from them.

The guy whose name was yet to be identified was seen being held by three men who were trying to pull him out of the store while he resisted to be treated in that inhuman manner.

A lot of people upon chancing on the video have called for the people being displaying racism to be arrested and prosecuted for infringing upon the right of the black man who just wanted to get some groceries.



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