Burial date of killer pastor’s wife announced


    The world has recently been hit by the death of a lady who was shot seven times by her husband who is a pastor in the United State after an argument ensued between them leading to the husband threatening to kill her.

    The Sister of the deceased in an interview stated that the reason for the argument was due to the fact that her sister wanted to be out of the relationship because she couldn’t stay any longer with her husband who joined an occult group.

    The family of the deceased has revealed the date for the funeral of their beloved who died a couple of days ago after been shot seven times and left to die.

    According to the family, September 26, 2020, will be the date their beloved will be buried.

    Stating the reason for them burying her very early her sister stated that they decided to bury her early so they can have more time to mourn her and get over their loss.


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