Netflix Under Fire As Congress Demands DOJ Probe Into Cuties Release


Senator Ted Cruz wrote a letter to the Justice Department asking for child pornography to be investigated on Netflix’s “Cuties” because of the continuing outrage over the French film, which is accused of sexualizing young girls and promoting pedophilia.

Republican politician Cruz, who was named by Donald Trump as a possible candidate for the Supreme Court this week, asked Attorney General Bill Barr to investigate whether Netflix, its executives, or filmmakers have violated federal laws prohibiting the production and distribution of child pornography in the making of the controversial “Cuties” movie.

The French film “Mignonnes” – known as “Cuties” in English – features young girls in a dance troupe in risky clothing and sexually impressive choreography.

Its release on streaming giant Netflix on Wednesday sparked an immediate reaction with the #CancelNetflix hashtag trending and congress members across the political spectrum, calling for action against Netflix and the filmmakers.

Cruz joined the film’s debate on Saturday, posting a letter he sent to the Justice Department on Friday requesting an investigation on Twitter.

In a letter addressed directly to Barr, Cruz suggested the film, saying it sexualized young girls, showing dance scenes that simulate sexual activity, including partial nudity of children, and at one point, showing naked breasts of minors.

Senator Ted Cruz

Cruz warned that the videos would be exploited in an offensive manner by pedophiles and worried that the production of the film would include even more striking and offensive scenes.

The Senator’s move in Texas comes after Trump announced on Wednesday that Cruz was on the list of potential candidates for the Supreme Court.

The president adds Republican Senators Cruz, Cotton and Josh Hawley to the list of candidates if he is given another chance to fill a vacant Supreme Court seat while at the White House.

On Saturday, Cruz added his name to a growing number of bipartisan lawmakers who broke criticised the release and called for action, including Senators Tom Cotton, Jim Banks and Tulsi Gabbard.

Several members of Congress have asked the DOJ to investigate the entertainment giant, with some calling for investigations into allegations that they spread child pornography effectively.
Democratic Party member Tulsi Gabard even accused Netflix of being an accomplice in promoting pedophilia and child trafficking.

Indiana spokesman Jim Banks has asked the Justice Department to file a lawsuit against Netflix.


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