Lady writes the name of her boyfriend in her eyebrow to show how much she loves him


A lady who wanted to prove how much she loves her boyfriend has done the unthinkable just to prove that she wants to be with nobody else but just that guy.

The lady whose name was yet to be identified was said to have written the name “Mark” on her eyebrow and taken a picture of it to show the guy who in turn spread the picture.

Many people who chanced upon the picture have expressed shock as to how she could go to that extreme to show that she loves a guy.

Whiles some find it very sweet and nice, many others have also expressed disgust at what the lady did.

Whether or not a person loves his or her partner it is not dependent on your tattoo or what this lady has done on your body. Love is expressed in what you do to the other. Somebody will do all that but still, cheat on you. In my candid opinion, it is not necessary to do some these things in love and this is not a licence that you will be trusted if you give positive stimuli of suspicion.


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