Joe Biden Leads Trump By 10 Points In New Poll


A new poll of registered voters finds that President Donald Trump’s support is farther behind Joe Biden after news reports accused Trump of ignoring fallen troops and publicly downplaying the coronavirus threat.

A September 9-11 poll by Yahoo News / YouGov found that Biden led Trump in registered voters by 10 percentage points, compared with six points after the Republican Convention.

What follows is a particularly negative article about Trump, including one on September 3 in the Atlantic that allegedly called fallen troops “losers” and voice recording published by Bob Woodward on September 9 revealing that Trump in February confirmed that he publicly underestimated the severity of the coronavirus intentionally.

The poll found that negative reporting appeared to be undermining Trump’s support.

In the Atlantic report, the unnamed source claimed that during his trip to France in 2018, Trump said troops killed in World War I were “losers” and “suckers” after canceling trips to the military burial ground over there.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Other outlets later confirmed the reports, but all with an unnamed source. None of those present wrote down the alleged statements confirming them.

Nearly a quarter of independents said allegations Trump humiliated troops had increased their support for Biden, compared with just 9 per cent who said the news increased their support for Trump. Six percent of Trump supporters in 2016 said they moved to Biden as a result.

When asked which candidate had more respect for the military, 50 percent of registered voters named Biden, compared to 39 percent for Trump. Voters say Biden leads the military better than the current commander-in-chief by a similar margin.

In the case of Woodward’s recordings, an audio recording was made by Trump, who called COVID-19 fatal but said he wanted to downplay it to the public. Since then, Trump has said he doesn’t want panic that’s why he downplayed the seriousness of the virus.

Nearly a quarter of voters said their views on Trump’s stance on the pandemic had changed in light of the recording.

President Donald Trump

Of those who voted for Trump in 2016, 15 percent said Woodward’s report changed their mind about the president’s handling of the pandemic.

Overall, 15 percent of Americans say Woodward’s tapes reduce their chances of re-electing the president in November than a third made up of Trump supporters in 2016.

According to the poll, voters prefer Biden to Trump on almost all major issues. The poll also showed that most voters would look at the coronavirus vaccine, released ahead of the November 3 election, with great skepticism.

Only 16 percent of registered voters believe a vaccine released before election day will be safe, while 58 percent believe otherwise.

An even larger proportion, 62 percent, said it was a bad idea for Trump to urge health officials to vaccinate before the election. Only 17 percent said it was a good idea.

Among voters who are hesitant or voters planning to vote for someone other than Trump, only 7 percent said having the pre-election vaccine will increase their chances of choosing a president, while 34 percent said it would make them less likely to choose Trump.



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