‘Ghanaian Men Are Very Stingy, They Have to Learn Generosity From Naija Guys Otherwise They Will Continue to Suffer’- Lady Rants


There is a saying that Ghanaian guys are very stingy and a lady has proved how true it is by experimenting on 10 people of which 5 are Ghanaians and 5 are also Nigerians.

According to the lady she asked all the 10 guys for 60gh each but to her surprise, the Nigerian guys gave out the money without she begging much but when it got to the turns of the Ghanaian guys they all started giving all sort of excuses.

Narrating her ordeal she called on guys from Ghana to give more to girls and avoid being stingy or else they would forever remain poor with that kind of attitude that they are portraying.

Watch the video below;


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