Man Said He Broke Into Eminem’s Home To Kill Him


Eminem woke up at home on April 5 and found a man behind him, a Clinton police officer testified on Wednesday.

Born Marshall Matters,  the rapper initially thought it was his nephew, but it turns out not to be him. He was later identified as Matthew David Hughes, said Officer Adam Hackstock.

When Mr. Mathers asked why he was there, Mr. Hughes told him he was there to kill him, Hackstock said at the booth during a preliminary review at Macomb District Court.

Hughes has been detained since the incident. He is accused of breaking into a first degree home invasion and maliciously damaging property. He appeared in prison in cuffs and overalls at court on Wednesday after previously appearing in court in June.

Matthew David Hughes

Eminem was out of court on Wednesday, but his lawyers filmed the proceedings.

Judge Jacob Feminineo Jr., who ruled that there were possible reasons for continuing the trial, planned at the Macomb District Court on September 28.

Hackstock testified that he arrived at Eminem’s home in a residential complex in Clinton City that night to find a security guard fighting Hughes on the spot. Hughes mumbled a “friend” and said he lived in the area, Hackstock said.

The official said he spoke with the rapper more than an hour after Hughes was arrested.

Eminem said he escorted the intruder through the television area, game room and basketball court to the exit of the house, according to Hackstock. Hughes didn’t have a gun, he said.

Hughes appeared in court on Wednesday

A reddish brick was found in a hollow window on the west side of the house, he said. Clinton Township detective Dan Quinn testified that security footage taken from several angles showed Hughes was on the property for a very long time before climbing through a broken window.

Hughes got a $ 50,000 cash bond. The judge rejected Hughes’ lawyer Richard Glanda’s request to for a reduction saying the victim’s fame was irrelevant to his decision.


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