‘I Can’t Live Without Him’- Woman Who is Dating Her 19-Year-old Son Says (Video)


Love they say is very blind and that can be said to be the case of a mother who is said to be in love with her own biological son and is now dating and leaving as a couple.

According to reports, the woman is said to be living in the UK and has expressed her love to her son and people have started speaking about the situation.

The woman who has received a lot of criticism, insults and bashes from people has stated that she loves her son soo much that she can’t live without his 19 years old boy.

Recounting how they got to date and act as a couple she stated that, one day she felt a strong feeling for his son and hesitated to tell him about it but she couldn’t contain it anymore and decided to let the cat out of the bag.

According to her, his son upon hearing the words of her mother also responded by saying he was also in love with her mum but didn’t know how to go about it and tell her.

See Video Below;



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