Trump Threatens Withdrawal Of Federal Funding For Schools That Teach That American History Began In 1619


It’s hard to believe that President Trump might have bad intentions about the future of the United States. It seemed the president doesn’t want certain populations to know their true history.

The president said Sunday that the Department of Education was investigating the use of the New York Times 1619 project in schools. He went on to say that these institutions that teach alternative narratives of American history could lose federal funding.

President Donald Trump

If you’re unfamiliar with the 1619 project, it’s based on the assumption that American history begins in 1619, the date the African slaves arrived in Virginia. Furthermore, everything after this date must be viewed from this point of view.

The Pulitzer Center recently released a curriculum based on the project, and Trump responded to a tweet that California would use it. This will definitely change the way parents view the way their children are raised.

Senator Tom Cotton

Republican Senator Tom Cotton, R-Ark., Who actually introduced a similar bill in July, said in a statement that the new bill is a racially divisive description of revisionist history that denies the noble principles of liberty and equality that the nation has enjoyed.


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