Nam1 fires people comparing the ‘fake’ UN awards saga to Menzgold


Nam1 whose name is Nana Appiah Mensah who trended on social media some time back after duping almost the whole of Ghana of their money all in the name of Menzgold has again spoken.

According to the businessman who now sells phones, he is not happy that people are attributing the UN awards to Menzgold and called on all to desist from saying anything which is false about his company.

Reacting to some comments which compared the Dr. UN and him, he stated that people should stop comparing them as the man is a human version of the COVID-19 virus as he is not.

Nana Appiah Mensah has berated individuals who are drawing conclusions and making a comparison of the fake UN award saga to Menzgold.

After news broke yesterday of a certain Dr Fordjour who went galavanting and issuing unverifiable awards to celebrities and public officials, many have compared his modus operandi to that of Menzgold and how, perhaps, Nam 1 was cunningly described as ‘running a Ponzi scheme.

Reacting to such comments, Nam 1 has described the actions of those comparing him to Dr Fordjour as people suffering from “baloney intoxication deficiency.”

“How is some fella’s awards whatever my business??? This reflex show of baloney intoxication deficiency is clearly a worse form of Covid-19. Hope y’all find a cure soon”



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