I Didn’t Call Fallen War Heroes Suckers And Losers


Donald Trump has denied refusing to visit a military cemetery because he allegedly said, “Why do I have to go to this cemetery? It’s full of losers.”

Trump criticised The Atlantic for the report which claimed that Trump repeatedly made derogatory remarks about soldiers being killed or wounded in combat.

The magazine¬† also claimed that Trump called the 1,800 soldiers who died in the infamous World War I battles as “losers” for getting themselves killed.

Trump said the reason he missed a visit to the military cemetery was because his helicopter was unable to fly due to bad weather and the Secret Service did not believe it was safe to fly there.

As you know, Trump has been very harsh with Senator and military hero John McCain, saying he is not a military hero because he was captured during the Vietnam War.

Trump had a rant about McCain, even after the Senator died of brain cancer.

This is a huge problem for Trump, who has to rely on veterans to get re-elected. The White House intervened in this story, claiming it was false.


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