Don’t allow yourself to be bullied – Reggie Rockstone to female musicians, emcees


Ghanaian music and originator of hiplife Grandpapa Reggie Rockstone has thrown a word of advice to all the female artists and emcees in the music industry.

Reggie who has been a bit on the down-low as he concentrated on his waakye business has taken time to advise all the female artistes to stay strong and avoid being bullied.According to the musician cum businessman, who appeared at an interview on YFM Morning Show as part of the Made In Ghana month celebration stated the female artistes must know that they are also part of the music industry and as such must demand their respect.

Stating Eno Barony as an example he stated that, he feels happy when he sees how the rapper has been able to make a name for herself in the industry despite all the challenges she is faced with.

He further stated that people must not be inhuman and must accept every artiste regardless of whether they are female or a male and judge based on their abilities rather than gender.


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