Alexis Sanchez Takes a Swipe at former Club Manchester United in an Instagram Video interview


Alexis Sanchez takes a swipe at his former club Manchester United saying he wanted to leave and return to Arsenal after his first training with the club.

Alexis Sanchez says he wanted to leave Manchester United and return to Arsenal after his first day at Training

The Chilean left the Emirates to Old Trafford in January 2018 in a swap deal that saw Henrikh Mkhitaryan move the other way but failed to live up to expectations before leaving to Inter Milan on loan.

Sanchez in the Serie A later stages showed glimpses of his former self playing brilliantly for the Nerazurri.

In an Instagram video post, the Chilean attacker reflected on his time at Old Trafford saying:

“I’ll talk a little about my experience in that club [Man Utd]. The first day I arrived, I believe I had an agreement with City but football happens & the opportunity to go to Man Utd arrived. I payed attention and it was a beautiful opportunity.

“I liked the club a lot. Well at the end, I signed with United without being informed and aware of what is going on internally in the club at that moment. Then, my first day of training with my mates and coaches, I realized things you don’t notice from the outside.

The Chilean attack felt there was no unity in the team and didn’t feel at home

“After I had my first training, I realized many things and I went home and I said to my family/agent, ” Don’t pass me the contract buddy. (to go back to Arsenal)”.

“They laughed at me of course. At the time, Something didn’t feel good or right. A month passed, I continued to have this feeling and I realized we are not a team. We are not together at that time.

“I am just telling you the experience I had. Journalists talked without knowing anything about what is going on inside a club. They annoy you and hurt you by saying it is all your fault this & that.

“They don’t realize that the environment effect the players. If we, as a club & a team, are not together as a family & as one then it is going to effect any player. We were not United & it reflected on the field. It was not any one player’s fault. It hurt me that I was not able to perform.

Sanchez talked more about playing with the team and how he was not able to replicate his form back at Arsenal.

He asked to leave on loam to Inter Milan when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took charge and was permitted before signing for them permanently

Then he said: “The next season, the manager was changed and the current manager [Ole] came and I decided to talk to him. I told him: ‘I need a break. I need to breathe. and he was kind enough to give me that.’ and when Inter came for me, I told him: ‘I want to go’ and he said: ‘sure no problem at all and allowed me to take that opportunity.

“Now I only have word of gratefulness to United the club to have given me the opportunity to wear their shirt and represent them. It hurt me a lot to not be able to give them what they wanted. If the environment at the time when I arrived, more positive and more as a family, perhaps things would have been completely different or better.

“I was not happy at the environment at the time and the noise from outside [Journalists] was not helping. It was a period that I learned from as a player and a person. Again, I am grateful for United for the opportunity to defend their colors. I am sad because I’ve always like to be at United and I wanted to win it all and make the fans happy.”


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