Akua GMB loses her cool as she calls her friends evil


Akua Amoako who is popularly known as Akua GMB has come out to speak about her friends calling all of them evil as she uses a picture of Tupac to relay the information to them.

Akua who happens to be the ex-wife of rich businessman Kwaku Oteng revealed that out of every 10 friends 9 out of them are evil and would want your downfall when you have done nothing wrong to them.

Though she did not mention any name it can only be tracked down to her former friend Stacy Amoateng who through which she got fired from her job which she used to do for her husband.

Taking to her social media handle she wrote saying;

Remember Tupac Shakur?

Beside him is Ayanna Jackson, the lady who accused him of rape. Behind him is the Haitain who robbed n shot him at Quad studio. Next to him is his manager who set him up to get killed ???
You are surrounded by your enemies 9 times out of 10.

MAY GOD PROTECT US FROM EVIL FRIENDS,THAT COME IN TO OUR LIVES TO DESTROY US.AMMEN ?. I saw this picture with this caption on Facebook, thought I should share it . ??????????

See picture below;



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