Xandy Kamel “Fights” Tracey Boakye Over Her Husband (+ DETAILS)


Xandy Kamel is said to have engaged in a social media fight with his new friend and bestie Tracey Boakye who has recently been the talk of the town for having affairs with married men.

The two friends have been spotted having lots of fun together on social media lately after they began to bond and build their friendship to a greater height.

Tracey who saw a picture of the husband of Xandy Kamel contesting for an award shared it on her status which leads to the husband coming to say thank you under the post and showing his appreciation for helping him win the award.

Xandy upon seeing the post also took to the post to comment replying to her new friend to take his husband if she wants him too.

Tho it is unclear whether it was a joke or she was seriously calling the producer cum actress a husband snatcher for posting her husband.

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