NBA Star Star Implicated In A Child Abuse Case


The mother of Trevor Ariza’s 12-year-old son, claims that the NBA star has physically abused her child several times and and is seeking a restraining order on their son’s behalf.

But Ariza said the accusations were clearly false – and he was fighting for his own documents.

The 35-year-old star of the Portland Trail Blazers refuses to restart the NBA in the Orlando bubble – ostensibly to hang out with his son.

Trevor Ariza

Ariza and her child’s mother, Lana Allen, have been incarcerated in custody battles for some time.

But Allen recently filed a new lawsuit in Los Angeles accusing Ariza of committing domestic violence against their child in 2019.

The details are lucid – but it is suspected that the strong professional athlete, Ariza seemed to cross the line when he handed out corporal punishment to his son at least twice.

Allen claims to have reported allegations of abuse the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), documenting the alleged injury and filing it with the Department of Child and Family Services.

In the new court documents, Allen wants Ariza to be restrained in hopes of keeping him away from the child.

Ariza responded to the allegations – emphatically denying the allegations of child abuse and promising to clear his name.

Ariza said that Allen kept her away from the child – which led to their breakup.

According to court records, the custody trial is scheduled for October. Both parties are fighting for child custody.


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