I don’t respond to ignorant fools- Sonnie Badu replies OB Nartey


Pastor of the Rockhill Church and international musician Sonnie Badu has lost his cool after Vision 1 host Kwame OB Nartey called him a clout chaser after he took to his social media handle to congratulate Kuami Eugene on winning artist of the year.

Sonnie who has always liked to be close to the youth called Kuami Eugene his son and encouraged him to be focused and keep doing what he loves doing best but this didn’t go down well with Kwame as he called the musician a clout chaser.

Angered by the word of the presenter, he again took to his Instagram handle and called the presenter a fool who doesn’t deserve his words and argument.

According to him, there is no need to argue with the presenter as he sees him as a fool who doesn’t have the right mindset and only see negativity.



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