Forbes Officially Declares Tyler Perry A Billionaire


Tyler Perry, the mind behind a couple of the favorite TV shows still has something new to boast of, now he’s a billionaire !!!

Tyler’s net worth has recently grown, making him the club’s newest official 3 points official. This emerges from a new Forbes report that describes his rise from “very poor” to rich and powerful.

Tyler Perry

The numbers come in … here’s a breakdown of how Forbes calculated Tyler’s net worth:

$ 320 million for the entire library of films, TV shows, dramas, etc. Because he owns 100% of the content he creates

$ 300 million in cash and investments

$ 280 million for Tyler Perry Studios on 330 acres in Georgia.

Tyler Perry’s Acrimony

$ 60 million for its stake in BET +, a streaming service launched last year.

$ 40 million for houses and toys

All of them … and that’s an incredible billion dollars. Not bad for someone who has slept in his car.


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