Ursula Owusu-Ekuful granted ‘Kumerica’ passport


The minister for Communications Mrs. Ursula Owusu is said to have contracted the Kumerica fever as she has been able to get for herself the Kumerican visa which she is flaunting online.

Kumerica is said to be a name given to the people of Kumasi and was derived from the combination of America and Kumasi been placed together.

If you are still new to the Kumerica word then here is a little explanation about how the name came about; A group of young boys dressed in nice outfits to seem like they are in America posted a video of themselves online.

In the video, the boys were seen chilling as they stated that they are from Kumasi but instead of mentioning Kumasi used the word Kumerica in place of the Kumasi.

The video of the boys went viral after devising the term Kumerica was used.




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